We understand the responsibility we have to the environment as suppliers and installers of wooden joinery. Although wood is one of the most sustainable materials on Earth, this is only the case when it is sourced responsibly. Poor forest management and illegal logging practices undermine wood’s sustainability by threatening ecosystems and the economies of producer countries.

As a result, we are extremely careful about the timber that we use and the suppliers we work with. We aim to source all our wood from independently certified sustainable forests, or from reputable suppliers who have been independently verified. This ensures that their timber can be traced back to forests that have been legally harvested.

Our team is always happy to discuss this topic in more detail with interested customers. You can ask us any questions about where we source the timber for your windows, doors, and joinery and are welcome to come and visit us in person at our workshop.


When sourced responsibly, wood is one of the most sustainable building materials available. Find out more about wood and see why it’s an environmentally conscious choice for your Hampshire property.


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