Victorian sash windows are an aspect of timeless beauty that remain just as popular within many homes today as they did in the late 1600s. Many homeowners long for the elegance that they wrap properties in, but the majority of them are unaware of just how long these classic windows have actually been around. Think of the number of properties they have graced in the last four hundred years! Let’s take a step back in time…


Initially, in the late 1600s, sash windows were exceptionally expensive and only the wealthiest could afford to have them installed. This included the royal family, and buildings such as Kensington Palace and Hampton Court. To this day, Victorian sash windows still take centre stage in Kensington and Buckingham Palace!


By this period the cost of materials needed for the construction of Victorian sash windows had decreased greatly, meaning that the volume of the windows that were installed and seen country-wide increased considerably. You may notice that many buildings that are still standing today from the 1800 and early 1900’s will almost uniformly have Victorian sash windows installed. Of course, they are unlikely to be the original sashes, as many of them would have undergone repair or restoration work by this date.


Whilst the Edwardian period was only brief, occupying the early 1900s, the great housing boom of that time lead to the architecture of those new properties being a mainstay within the landscape. Edwardian properties still dominate much of our housing to this day. By the end of the 1910s, sash windows had risen to become the most sought-after window type across the country. That is, at least, until their fast decline during World War I, which was connected to the rise in labour and manufacturing costs.


In the present day, Victorian sash windows have evolved greatly, incorporating many techniques and refinements from other time periods. To date, there are an estimated 10 million sash windows UK-wide, proving that their popularity has never really decreased. Today, they provide not only a timeless, elegant visual element, but incorporate additional qualities, such as sound and heat insulation and security measures, each of which have the ability to increase the value of your home.

Our Victorian sash window manufacturing, repair, and replacement services allow homes across the country to welcome the addition of timeless windows to their properties, whilst linking all the way back to the roots of their design in 1600. With more than 100 years of combined joinery experience, you can depend on us for a set of Victorian sash windows that hold onto the same level of beauty from the day they were installed.

At New Forest Joinery, our team are on hand to provide you with the advice and guidance you may be seeking when looking into honouring your heritage with the Victorian sash windows. If you want to get your windows in ship-shape condition in time for the Platinum Jubilee this June, get in touch to find out about our repair service. We can also install brand new sashes, linking your property to those of the royals themselves. Just give us a call today.