Extending your home with the addition of an elegant orangery is an aspect of home expansions that is loved by all, and rightly so. Most formed with a tasteful brick or timber frame encapsulating a selection of broad double-glazed windows can bring beauty to the home both internally and externally. However, with the weather turning, you may notice the area getting a little colder. Whether you utilise your orangery as an additional lounge, a games room, or a dining area, we don’t want the cold to shut you out. Whether this is your orangery’s first winter, or if it has been standing for a handful of years, we have a selection of helpful tips that could help you insulate yours this winter.

Locate any draughts

Before considering or investing in any insulating materials, you should assess the structure of your orangery. With a sizeable portion of the build having been finished with glass panes, it is important to check that all windows and doors are sealed properly. If not, you could find that a draught is able to creep in, bringing the internal temperature down. If you do locate a draught, a repair is not your only option. Temporary fixes such as blinds or curtains can often be enough to prevent chilly air from entering the room, as well as draught excluders.

Upgrade your windows

You will find that investing in quality windows will increase the warmth within your orangery. Depending on when your orangery was constructed, or your budget at the time, you may find that there is level of glazing which you could upgrade to, including double or even triple glazing. These types of windows provide low U-values which, in turn, work to retain the heat within your orangery and prevent any colder air from the outside from entering.

Underfloor heating

Did you know that, similarly to our own bodies, most of the heat within the home escapes through the floor and roof? Your orangery is no different. Whilst upgrading your roof is one option, another is implementing underfloor heating into your existing flooring. Depending on your preference and the flooring you currently have laid, you will be able to choose between electric or wet underfloor heating, both of which can provide you with comforting warmth from the ground up.

Improve the quality of your floor

Look at the type of flooring you house in your orangery. Ceramic or porcelain tiles host a range of benefits, but one of their downfalls is their inability to warm up naturally. If they catch a hint of the cold, the chances are that they’ll hold a chill all day. Replacing your flooring with an alternative option, such as wood or LVT could provide you with increased warmth around the clock. If changing your floor or implementing underfloor heating is not achievable for you, there are further steps that you could take to improve the quality of your existing flooring. The laying of large rugs is a cost-effective way to improve the insulation in your orangery and provide you with somewhere warm to rest your feet.

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