These two words are often used interchangeably, but they are in fact classed as two different things and in our industry its always good to be clear! The main difference between the two is that renovation typically refers to restore something to a good condition or state of repair (which in our niche is to do with restoring a building, window or door to its former condition). Refurbishment implies the process of improvement by cleaning, equipping or decorating. It may also include elements of retrofitting with the aim of making a building more energy efficient and sustainable.

Examples of refurbishment

Generally speaking, refurbishment can encompass many different kinds of works that involve the process of transforming something such as ‘cosmetic’ renovations (painting and decorating), upgrading, major repair work, alterations, conversions, extensions and modernisations. 

Effective property refurbishment involves taking into account both the uniqueness of a building in terms of structure and typology, as well as the buildings local setting and circumstance. If the correct approach to a building’s refurbishment is followed from the initial planning phase through to execution, then it is possible for refurbishment to extend a building’s lifetime significantly.

New Forest Joinery building contractors regularly carry out refurbishments and home improvements from house extensions and loft conversions to minor additions such as a garden wall. Our expertise lies in transforming spaces to the specific needs of our customers, often adding significant value to a property.

Examples of renovation

Renovation projects need a slightly different approach to when you’re constructing a new property from scratch or refurbishing an existing one – mainly because you’re working on a pre-existing structure that already has its individual quirks in place. Often, a building that is being renovated has some historic value or meaning where the owner wants or needs to restore it to its original state rather than change it completely. 

As expert joiners, many of our projects at New Forest Joinery involve repairing or replacing timber sash windows and wooden doors of period properties. Owners of period properties are keen to retain the buildings character and appearance through preserving the original sash windows or wooden doors. Our team of professionals are able to either repair or replace the sashes within the existing box frames or offer a full replacement if the box frame is in a state of disrepair. We’re able to replicate a properties existing appearance with complete precision.

Alongside our joinery work, we are also experienced building contractors offering a wide range of high-quality construction services, helping customers transform their properties according to their specific requirements whether that be through renovation and restoration or refurbishment projects such as extensions, loft conversions or new builds.

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