Working from home has recently become the norm, and with this change fast becoming permanent within many businesses, employees are keen to find a way to work comfortably from their home environments. For many, usable space may not be readily available in living rooms, dining areas or bedrooms, and not every property is lucky enough to be accompanied with a dedicated study space. This month, we offer some ‘out of the box’ advice on creating a unique design that will allow anyone working from home with a dedicated space that separates their home-life from their work-life.

The design

Creating a solo home office space grants you the ability to produce an area that works solely for you. You will first need to locate a space which boasts possibilities. Living within your property may mean you can’t see the wood for the trees when utilising an existing space or creating a completely new one, so let us help you with some possible options that stray away from relying your dining room tabletop or dressing table:

  • Utilising a dedicated room, such as fitting a bespoke desk within your garage, could provide you with a workspace that keeps away from your sole living environment.
  • Exploiting a simple alcove could provide you with the room to hold a small workspace, without taking away from your living space.
  • An empty wardrobe or cupboard could provide the ability to keep an office space that allows you to close the door on it at the end of the day.
  • Any awkward and unused space, such as the gap under your stairs, which could be used to host a desk space without invading any of the frequently used floor space in your home.

The space you create for working will be a location in which you spend a lot of your time, so it is important to ensure it remains both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are four main ways to ensure you create the ideal working from home environment. These are:

  • Natural lighting

You’ll want to be mindful of the fact you are working in an area of reduced space. Setting up your workspace in a location that gets bathed in natural lighting will create a space that encourages positivity throughout the day. You may even be able to form an office in an unused room or garage, and therefore be able to introduce glass features such as roof lanterns or bi-folding doors to create the illusion of a larger, open space.

  • Colour schemes

It may seem a simple factor, but did you know that colour schemes can have a profound impact on your productivity? It’s been said that neutral tones, such as creams, greens and blues, can enhance focus in the workplace, and could be ideal for keeping focus whilst working in your new at-home office.

  • Layout

Taking time to plan the layout of your workspace will be beneficial. Depending on the location, you may need to think logistically about sleek storage spaces, remaining compact and staying aesthetically pleasing. Bespoke cabinets can be cleverly crafted to fit to your space, whilst bespoke shelving can be used as a double purpose in your alcoves, allowing you to use the lower as a shelf as a dedicated floating desk during the week, before reverting it to an elegant display shelf over the weekend.

  • Comfort

A top priority for your at-home workspace is comfort. With the help of a professional joiner, even the most awkward of small spaces can be updated into one that boasts office-style comfort, with no straining of the neck or awkward chair-to-desk heights. You may also want to consider insulation if working in a location such as your garage. Simple factors such as rugs or radiators could provide additional warmth in the height of winter, whilst air conditioning units could become a saviour through the midst of summer.

For more information on the factual and design elements of your home office, our team at New Forest Joinery will be delighted to help. Give us a call on 01425 628 281 or email info@newforestjoinery.co.uk.