One of the best perks of our job is meeting all our lovely customers and seeing their beautiful homes. We have had the pleasure of working in many beautiful period properties, barn conversions and modern refurbishments in our time, and it is always great to spot features that are unique or unusual. Choosing the right lighting is something that can sometimes be undervalued and mis-prioritised, but actually, well placed and considered lighting can really transform a space. Staircase lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years and is perfect for creating a statement hallway when friends and family visit. We take a look at easy ways to light your stairway.

Low level recessed wall lights

Adding recessed stair lights can create a real feature and often create the illusion that the stairs appear wider than they actually are. Because the lights are sunken into the wall slightly, the light is indirect giving the impression that the light comes from inside the wall itself. When placed slightly higher on the tread the light gently washes over the stops of the stairs. When placed closer to the steps the light skims across the tread itself. You could place on each step, every other step, or just have a few dotted up the stairs to light the way to the top.

Light the staircase from underneath

For those of you with a modern (or floating) staircase that boasts an open back, why not light the steps from underneath? Your chosen light source (such as an LED strip) will be hidden from view and when lit it will light the tread below it as well as the wall beyond it creating a beautiful floating effect. You should also get pretty shadows under the staircase too. A modern finish to a minimalist staircase.

Add a statement pendant or wall light

If you are lucky enough to have a high-ceilinged hallway, a large pendant light will give the space a great focal point. Plus, there are lots of really unusual styles on the market that also create unusual effects to provide extra wow factor – if your space suits it, why not try a chandelier pendant light for the ultimate in glamour?

Add an element of fun

For a quirky look, why not conceal an LED strip either side of the staircase to highlight your way step by step up the stairs. You could even opt for a colour changing option to add a little disco fun! Or even better, a rainbow of colours on each tread!

Top tips:

When installing lighting, make sure that hall and stairway lights are controlled separately and if possible, ensure that switches are positioned near doorways and at each level of the stairs, so you won’t have to walk up or downstairs in darkness.

Where you can, be as energy efficient as you can by using CFL or LED light bulbs. This will allow you to use less electricity and replace them less often as they last much longer than regular light bulbs. A simple swap but it will have a big impact on the power grid (and your bills).

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