The annual Chelsea Flower Show is on its way, this year being held across May 24th – 28th. With spring landing in full swing and the excitement of the annual event looming, you may be feeling inspired to get out into the garden to put those green fingers to work. Whilst you are thinking about your plants, the time of year has got us thinking back to our favourite wooden features of previous shows (could you blame us!). Let’s take a look at a few of our favourites.

2021 – Finding our way: An NHS tribute garden

This silver-award winning garden, with a moving meaning behind it, showcased a palette of elegant features. Each material played its part in representing the selfless work of so many, including our NHS and universities, as well as those who continue to fight COVID-19. Flowing water ran across the base of the striking timber feature, which stood tall to represent the nation on the edge of the unknown at the start of the pandemic. Graceful lighting shone up on the wooden beauty, highlighting its natural tones and creating an organic contrast between the timber and the garden which bursts with autumnal colours.

2021 – The Parsley Box

Silver-award winning display, The Parsley Box, utilised a range of materials to create a calming and immersive space which represented the power of ageing, whilst ditching the negative connotations linked to the natural process. A pergola showered in flavoursome flowers covered a table utilising two reclaimed wood types, along with aged brass. The materials were used to create an autumnal feel that coincided with the colours of the garden, whilst proving that ageing brings a new realm of beauty.

2016 – The floral arch

Of course, who could forget that beautiful floral archway created back in 2016 in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday? We certainly couldn’t. The arch was created using fresh foliage and plants that had been donated by growers across the UK, and placed delicately around a wooden crown structure, which of course took centre stage. The elegant wooden design combined the royally prominent themes with the fresh breaths of spring, creating a light yet breath-taking structure.

The wooden features of the Chelsea Flower Show never fail to inspire. Each designer always finds a way to showcase the wonderous abilities behind every wooden material, and we can always find ways to implement the ideas in our own homes.

Garden decking and pathways are common to find across the UK, but rarely look unique. A beautiful, curved structure or bespoke laying method could be enough to not only allow your garden to become bespoke, but feature a statement piece that is to be desired by every guest.

Planter boxes hold great opportunity too, and a range of wooden materials can be used to keep yours unique. From shape to size and colour, the possibilities are endless. Compliment the tones of your wood with seasonal flowers in a variety of colours.

If plants are your thing, why not create your own garden archway and shower it in an array of foliage and flowers. Whether it be placed in the corner of your land, creating a calming area to retreat to, or as a floral focal point in the centre of your pathway, garden archways create an array of opportunities – each one as beautiful as the next.

Our team at New Forest Joinery are on hand to offer additional advice and support with the design and creation of uniquely beautiful wooden features for your garden. Get in touch today.