NFJ Sash Window Security

At New Forest Joinery, we go beyond merely installing visually appealing windows; our dedication extends to enhancing the security of your property. Recognising the importance of home security, having the right features in place is crucial. While much emphasis is placed on securing doors and deploying cutting-edge alarm systems, prioritising the safety of windows, especially classic sash windows, is equally imperative. 


Despite the timeless elegance of sash windows, their vintage design can pose security challenges. New Forest Joinery, along with other manufacturers acknowledging this, are increasingly seeking solutions that seamlessly blend the classic charm of sash windows with modern security features. So here are six practical suggestions to help safeguard your home:


  1. Maintain and Restore Your Sash Windows: To ensure optimal security, prioritise regular maintenance for your sash windows. Over time, wear and tear can compromise their integrity. Promptly replace any worn or fragile components. Explore our window furniture options for necessary replacements. Well-maintained and securely locked windows inherently provide a satisfactory level of security
  2.  Utilise Opening Restrictors: Enhance window security and safeguard your family by installing opening restrictors. These devices limit how much your sash windows can open, serving as a safety feature for children and pets. Simultaneously, they reduce the potential entry points for intruders, offering a multifunctional solution
  3. Implement Dual Screws: Dual screws, compatible with most sash windows, provide an additional layer of security. These screws can only be removed using a key, effectively securing the window frames together and preventing complete opening. Ideal for reinforcing protection during vacations, ensuring your windows remain locked and protected
  4. Install Window Catches: Specially designed for sash windows, window catches prevent the lower sash window from lifting more than a few inches. This adds a layer of security against potential break-ins and facilitates controlled ventilation—an exceptionally safe choice for households with small children
  5. Opting for Reinforced Glass: While a pricier option, reinforcing your window glass proves highly effective without using bars. Toughened glass, subject to heat treatment, is more resilient, making it challenging for burglars to break through quickly. The added strength and durability create a deterrent effect, as attempted break-ins will likely be more conspicuous
  6. Sound simple, but Draw the Curtains: A seemingly simple yet effective measure, drawing curtains at night prevents potential burglars from surveying your well-lit home. This conceals valuables and discourages criminal activity by keeping possessions out of view. Drawing curtains is an additional deterrent against opportunistic thieves when heading on holiday


Our dedication to exceptional customer service at New Forest Joinery extends to providing expert guidance throughout the installation. We strive to maintain consistent high quality across our product range, ensuring your windows offer security. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want more information. We value your feedback and would love to hear about the security measures you’ve implemented for your windows.