Windows and doors play a pivotal role in your home’s aesthetics and energy efficiency. At New Forest Joinery, we excel in crafting top-tier timber double-glazed windows and doors. Pairing them with plantation shutters can elevate your home’s functionality and charm. Discover how plantation shutters can enhance your living space.


Advantages of Plantation Shutters for Timber Windows and Doors


  1. Classic Appeal

Plantation shutters bring a classic, sophisticated look that complements any decor. When matched with New Forest Joinery‘s timber double-glazed windows, they offer a beautiful, cohesive appearance that improves your home’s curb appeal.


  1. Light Management

Plantation shutters feature adjustable slats that allow you to control the natural light entering your rooms. This feature works seamlessly with our double-glazed windows, which are designed to maximise natural light and provide excellent insulation.


  1. Superior Energy Efficiency

Our Timber double-glazed windows are highly effective at maintaining a comfortable indoor climate year-round. Adding plantation shutters offers an extra layer of insulation, helping to minimise energy loss and reduce utility bills.


  1. Easy Upkeep and Durability

Plantation shutters are built to last and are incredibly easy to maintain. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep them looking new. This low-maintenance aspect pairs well with our durable timber double-glazed windows and doors.


  1. Increased Home Value

Investing in premium timber double-glazed windows and plantation shutters can significantly boost your property’s value. Homebuyers appreciate the blend of style, energy efficiency, and practicality.


Tailored Solutions

At New Forest Joinery, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Although we do not supply plantation shutters, we can recommend reliable companies to help you find the ideal match for our timber double-glazed windows and doors.

Plantation shutters are a perfect complement to our timber double-glazed windows and doors, enhancing your home’s style and efficiency. So if you’re eager to enhance your home’s appeal and efficiency with timber double-glazed windows and doors? Contact New Forest Joinery now for a free consultation. We can also recommend excellent companies for plantation shutters.