Natural charm within a property is something that can be difficult to come by. Attractive timber qualities such as ceiling beams and timber doors create an appeal which is often sought after in period properties across the UK, but who’s to say you can’t create the aesthetic in your very own home? In this blog, we introduce the changes you could implement within your own property that will allow you to introduce character, intrigue and charm without having to relocate.

Sash windows

When approaching a property, before even having entered it, sash windows have the ability to create a home that is loved at first sight by both residents and visitors. Installing these elegant window types can be the perfect way to add an element of charm to your home both internally and externally. The classic design can be linked back to properties of Georgian times, and elegant features such as Georgian bars and sash horns can also be incorporated, creating a bespoke set of windows made specifically with your property in mind.

Wooden front doors

The front door of your property is one of the first things a visitor’s eyes are drawn to when arriving at your home. Acting as a main focal point, replacing your uPVC or composite door with original timber can be a simple way to bring elegance to the front of your home. As time will tell, a high-quality wooden door holds the inability to age, with homeowners having used timber elements to construct their own front doors since the 18th century. With the option to lacquer, paint or sand your door over time, you will always have the ability to refresh the character at the entrance of your home.

Bespoke staircases

The charm and history hidden within an original staircase cannot be undermined. Surprisingly, the strong sense of sophistication that a staircase holds can be one of the aspects that attracts a person to a home. Whilst period staircases hold a specific elegance, it is possible to replicate the style, bringing character into the entrance hall of your own home. Bespoke staircases are crafted with your property in mind, allowing it to conform seamlessly with the way in which your home works, whilst complementing of your existing interior design.

Wood panelling

Wood panelling is something which is seen more frequently in this day and age. Whether you are looking to create a feature wall in the master bedroom or a focal point for your guests to admire in your dining room, adding character to your blank walls can be a simple, yet effective task. No matter the style, from beadboard to board and batten, it can be surprisingly affordable, making it a popular DIY task in many homes today. Fitting your panels strategically can also allow you to elongate a room, or make the ceiling hight feel extended, replicating the feel of a period property.

The team at New Forest Joinery are able to offer additional advice on the ways of adding character to your property, as well as supply you with bespoke solutions. If you fancy chatting things through, give us a call.